Radiant Floor Heating Systems for Contractors

radiant heat supplies and systems for contractors from krell distributing

For over 47 years, contractors and homeowners have trusted Krell Distributing for their radiant heat supplies and radiant floor heating systems. We have the radiant heat supplies and complete systems you need to get the job done right and on time. Our radiant floor heating systems are made for an efficient installation without cutting corners, providing comfortable and cost-conscious floor heating.

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Contractors Rely on Krell Distributing for Radiant Heat Supplies 

For over four decades, Krell Distributing has established itself as a go-to source whenever contractors need to install a radiant floor heating system. Why do contractors rely on Krell Distributing?

  • Get the Job Done Faster Our custom pre-fab pump modules help you to save on labor without sacrificing performance.
  • An Experienced Partner Since 1972, Krell Distributing has been a family-owned business that's been trusted by homeowners and contractors for radiant heat supplies and complete systems.
  • The Parts You Need From PEX tubing, pneumatic nail guns, boilers and much more, Krell Distributing has been a trusted source for all radiant heat supplies.
  • The Technical Support You Can Trust Krell Distributing's experienced heating system designers offer free unlimited tech support to each of our customers. We're committed to customer satisfaction, which means we're committed to your project being finished the right way.

Partner With Krell Distributing, Get More Leads

In addition to providing contractors with everything that's needed to complete a radiant floor heating system, Krell Distributing often provides heating contractor referrals to homeowners or our DIY radiant floor heating customers.

By partnering with Krell Distributing, when homeowners need help from heating contractors, you'll be a preferred provider. Krell Distributing can recommend your services to our customers who are homeowners, providing you with more business. 

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Radiant Heat Supplies & Complete Radiant Heating Systems

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Krell Distributing offers all the radiant heat supplies you'll need to install a radiant heat system. We're experienced in providing everything that's needed to complete a radiant floor heating project. This includes all types of radiant floor heating, including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Radiant Electric Heat Systems
  • Radiant Heat Systems Powered by Gas
  • Radiant Heat Systems Powered by Propane
  • Radiant Heat Systems Powered by Oil

In addition to providing you with the parts you'll need for a complete radiant floor heating system, Krell Distributing provides custom pre-fab pump modules. These custom pre-fab pump modules empower you to install a radiant floor heating system that's made to work perfectly for a specific space. 

Krell Distributing's custom pre-fab pump modules significantly reduce the labor required to complete a radiant floor heating system installation. Our pre-fab pump module design team will work with you to identify the specifications that must be met to successfully complete your project. Our system design team has over 47 years of experience with creating custom pre-fab pump modules, ensuring the system works perfectly.

radiant heat supplies custom pre fab pump module from krell distributing

Reduce Labor For Radiant Floor Heating With Our Free Tubing Layouts

As well as designing a pre-fab pump module that's made custom for your specific project, our team of experts provide free tubing layouts and endless technical support. For decades, our experienced system design staff have helped contractors by providing free tubing layouts for a complete radiant heat system.

With our free tubing layouts, much of the planning process for your project is taken care of by our experts. We'll work with you to understand the specific needs for your radiant heating job, providing you with a tubing layout that's made to evenly distribute heat on the parts of the surface that you're looking to heat. 

Examples of some custom tubing layouts we've made for other projects can be seen below.

radiant floor heating systems tubing layout from krell distributing

radiant floor heating supplies and systems tubing layout from krell distributing

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Whether you've installed radiant heat systems before or you're new to this heating system, you can rely on Krell Distributing to make your project a success.

We offer free, unlimited technical support. When you work with Krell Distributing, you get limitless access to our knowledgeable experts. 

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Radiant Heat Supplies: PEX Tubing, Boilers for Sale & Beyond  

PEX tubing serves as the distribution system for heat in a radiant floor heating system. PEX tubing is ran across the area that is intended to be heated, providing the necessary durability and flexibility.

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Whether you're looking for gas boilers, oil boilers, electric boilers or wood boilers with fossil fuel back up, Krell Distributing offers the right type of boiler you need to finish your project.

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Whatever radiant heat supplies you're looking for, from manifolds to tubing, insulation and more, we have what you need. 

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For decades, contractors have trusted Krell Distributing for the supplies and complete radiant floor heating systems they need to finish even the most complex projects. You don't need to spend time searching for different suppliers for each part of a radiant heat system. At Krell Distributing, we have all the radiant heat supplies you need from one reliable source. 

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