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Continuous Constant Electric Radiant Floor Heat at Krell Distributing

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The comfort and luxury of electric radiant floor heating — made easy and affordable with Krell Distributing! It’s ideal for small rooms such as bathrooms, mudrooms or any rooms or cold spots. It’s also ideal for areas where electric heat is affordable.

Syracuse, NY Electric Radiant Floor Heating System Example Diagram Krell DistributingThe radiant heating systems element is as thin as a nickel, so it will not affect floor levels. It goes where you need it, so you can fit it into bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms or any other room in your house. The flexible design makes it easy to work around existing fixtures or cramped floor layouts. Installing electric floor heating takes only a few hours.

There’s no need to dig up the floor and no messy concrete work – best of all you won’t need specialized tools or skills. Just tape the radiant heating element to the floor. Tile over it and voila – you have radiant heated floors. It’s as simple as that.

The programmable Warmup USTAT Thermostat automatically regulates the floor temperature. You can use the unobtrusive Warmup Undertile Floor Heating System as your primary heating source or just to keep the chill off the floor.

Warm Up – Loose Wire System

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Electric Radiant Floor Heat Pricing

25 to 34 sq. ft.

Warmup Undertile Heater and Thermostat


35 to 44 sq. ft.

Warmup Undertile Heater(s) and Thermostat


45 to 59 sq.ft.

Warmup Undertile Heater(s) and Thermostat


60 to 74 sq.ft.

Warmup Undertile Heater(s) and Thermostat


75 to 89 sq.ft.

Warmup Undertile Heater(s) and Thermostat


Electric Radiant Floor Heat Custom For Your Needs

For areas larger than 89 sq. ft, or to design your electric radiant floor heating system,  contact Krell Distributing.