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At Krell Distributing, we carry a wide-range of quality radiant heat products. We are happy to serve nationwide. We are also fully capable of helping customers from all over the nation. See some of our radiant heating supplies inventory below.

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Legend M-8200 Precision Manifold

Modular Radiant Manifolds

syracuse, ny radiant floor heating manifold valve with memory stop

  • Perfect seal-guaranteed
  • Easy assembly
  • Balancing valves with memory stop
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Optional air vent and fill purge valve available
  • 2 GPM flow metersSpeak to a System Expert Now

Economy Model Manifold

syracuse, ny radiant heating circuits krell distributing

Oxygen Barrier Tubing

  • 1/2 inch PE-RT
  • 300, 500 and 1000 foot rolls available!

Benefits of using 1/2 inch PE-RT Oxygen Barrier Tubing

Protect your radiant heating system. The five-layer design of HEATFLEX pipe ensures that the EVOH oxygen barrier is protected and remains intact, safeguarding your radiant heating system.

Save time and money. HEATFLEX pipe is highly flexible even at low temperatures, which improves installation efficiencies. No un-coiler required!

Reduce pressure loss and deposit formation. HEATFLEX pipe has excellent surface smoothness.

Recycle. Unlike any other heating pipe, HEATFLEX is fully recyclable and is made in the USA

Trust it. As with all , HEATFLEX comes with a limited lifetime warranty, including a per foot labor replacement cost and reimbursement for any damage.

Reflective Foil under wood floor insulation

syracuse, ny radiant floor heating product reflective bubble insulation krell distributing

  • Reflective bubble insulation for use under tubing in wood floor installation
  • 16″ X 125″ Roll

Insulation/Vapor Barrier for Radiant in Concrete Application

syracuse, ny radiant heating product for concrete application krell distributing

  • For Under Tubing In Concrete Floor Installation
  • 500 Sq. Ft Roll
  • Slab Shield Is Preferred Over Foam Insulation Since It Has A Core Of Reflective Aluminium, Which Radiates Up.

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Climate Panel System

syracuse, ny radiant heat installation over existing floor krell distributing

  • For Installation Of Tubing Over Existing Floor.
  • Product Is 1/2″ Thick And Has Heat Transfer Plates Attached.
  • Carpet And Pad, Tile Or Hardwood Flooring Can Be Installed On Top Of The System

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Radiant Above Floor Light-Weight Concrete (Gypcrete)

  • This Lightweight Concrete Product Is Applied Over The Radiant (PEX) Tubing
  • With This Application The PEX Tubing Is Stapled Directly To The Sub-Flooring
  • The “Gypcrete” Is Then Pumped Directly Over The Tubing At A Thickness Of 1-1/4-1-1/2 Inches
  • On Wood-Framed Floors, Some Structural Reinforcement May Be Necessary

Licensed Contractors Are Available Who Are Trained To Apply This Product.

Pneumatic Clip gun

  • Utilizes Both Styles Of Clips.
  • RB Stand-Off And RB Flush Mount Clips Can Be Applied For Radiant Heating And Potable Water Installation
  • Saves Time
  • Uses The Power Of Air To Get The Job Done Accurately And Quickly
  • Cannot Damage Tubing.
  • No Chance Of Piercing, Compressing, Or Overdriving The Nails Of The Clips.
  • Lightweight And Easy To Use.
  • Krell Distributing Will Furnish This Clip Gun At No Charge For Your Installation (With Deposit)

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syracuse, ny radiant heat product to adhere pex pipe to rebar krell distributing

By far the quickest and least expensive way to adhere PEX pipe to rebar for Radiant Floor and Snow and Ice Melt installations. 5 times faster than manual tying without the risk of health problems. One hand operation and at only 3.2 lbs, this is the lightest tool of its kind.
Fast, easy, work-saving! Tool secures PEX to wire with compatible Malco galvanized steel clip. The lowest cost per connection for laying out a PEX in-floor radiant heating system on a wire grid. An auto-feed magazine with a 25 clip capacity won’t slow you down. RedLine Handles by Malco offer maximum leverage with a natural fit and feel for the way you need to work. The PEX To Wire Tool is compatible with Malco No. PC1EV Clips.

Utica Indirect Hot Water Heater

syracuse, ny radiant floor heating indirect fired hot water heater krell distributing

  • Indirect Fired Hot Water Heater
  • Uses Hot Boiler Water To A Coil In The Tank To Heat Water In The Tank.
  • Stainless Steel Coil
  • 41 Gallons
  • 5-Year Warrantee
  • Most Popular Model
  • Recharge 41 Gallons In As Fast As 12 Minutes!

Amtrol Fill-Trol

syracuse, ny radiant floor heating automatic fill valve krell distributing

  • The AMTROL FILL-TROL® System Consists Of A Specially Adapted EXTROL® Pre-Pressurized, Diaphragm-Type Expansion Tank, And The FILL-TROL, A Specially Designed, Automatic, Fill Valve.
  • Provides Accurate System Make Up
  • Eliminates Need For A Separate, Automatic Fill Valve
  • Fully Adjustable Up To A Maximum Working Pressure Of 100 Psig
  • Factory Pre-Charged To 12 Psig; Tank Pressure Controls System Fill

Erie Zone Control Valve

syracuse, ny radiant floor heating temperature control valve krell distributing

  • Erie Has Been An Industry Leader In Temperature Control Since 1943, Providing Modern Environmental Comfort In Commercial, Industrial, And Residential Buildings Worldwide.
  • Erie Is A Member Of The Invensys Building Systems Group.
  • Erie’s Motorized Hydronic Valves, The Poptop® Provide Reliable And Easy Installation For A Variety Of Heating And Cooling Applications.
  • Installation Is A Snap With Easy, One-Handed Removal Or Engagement Of The Actuator To The Valve Body. Push A Button And Lift. It’s That Simple.

B&G Circulator Pump

syracuse, ny radiant floor heating product duraglide bearing system krell distributing

  • High Starting Torque For Dependable Seasonal Start-Ups (Up To 80% More Than Competing Circulators)
  • Unique B&G Duraglide Bearing System Assures Years Of Trouble-Free Start-Ups
  • Closed Impeller Design Improves Operating Efficiency
  • Backed By B&G’s Representatives And A 3-Year Warranty—The Best In The Business
  • Self-Cleaning Particle Shield Protects The Shaft And Bearings From System Start-Up Debris
  • One-Piece, High-Nickel Stainless Steel Stator Can Isolate The Stator From System Fluid And Maintain Precision-Bearing Alignment For Longer Bearing Life
  • Carbon Bearings, Diamond-Like Ceramic Shaft And Generous Clearances Are More Resistant To Lime, Chloride, And Oxide Build-Up
  • Faceplate And Rotor Sleeve Feature Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Construction For Longer Life

Check-Trol Isolation Flow Control Flange

syracuse, ny radiant floor product flow control valve krell distributing

  • Check-Trol Is The Solution For Circulator Installations. Installing A Check-Trol On The Discharge Of The Circulator Gives You The Features Of A Flow Control Valve, Isolation Valve, And Companion Flange.
  • Another Advantage Of The Check-Trol Is The Minimal Pressure Drop, Especially When Compared To The Losses That Can Be Experienced When A Check Valve Is Installed Internal To The Circulator.
  • The Check-Trol Flanges Are Packaged With An Isolation Flange Of The Same Size To Create A Pair.
  • Cap Screws And Nuts Are Included

ICM Digital Thermostat

syracuse, ny radiant floor heating product digital thermostat krell distributing

  • Elegant Design
  • Zoning System Compatible
  • Adjustable Differential
  • Large LCD Temperature Display
  • Battery Operated
  • Precise Temperature Sensor

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