Climate Panel

Krell Distributing paying down panelsClimate panels are a faster, lighter, and neater alternative to poured concrete when you need a base for your radiant floor heating system. Krell Distributing is proud to offer this convenient solution to customers.

Climate Panel Service Region

From our warehouse in Syracuse, we ship panels to New York, Pennsylvania, and all northern states, as well as contractors and handy homeowners across the nation.

Krell Distributing is your source for climate panels. Let us help you determine the optimal installation method for your new radiant floor system. Contact us today!

Lay down Climate Panels over subfloor or concrete.
Faster, Lighter and Neater than Concrete

Unlike Systems that require pouring, Climate Panels are designed for simple, efficient installation over a variety of construction types like concrete or wood. 
This dry method means:

  • Fasten panels to subfloor (stapling panels saves even more time).
    No extra water introduced (every square foot of light weight concrete adds 1/2 gallon of water
    No extra weight, 5 times lighter than concrete, no need for structural upgrades
    No scheduling hassles
  • Walk in Pex Tubing
    No waiting for concrete to dry ( install top flooring material immediately after Climate Panel Installation) 

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Radiant Heat Panels

radiant heat panels from krell distributing

If you're looking for radiant panels for your radiant floor heating system, look no further. For more than 47 years, DIYers, contractors and businesses have relied upon Krell Distributing Company for radiant panels. 

ProPanel radiant heat panels are the ideal solution for application on top of existing wood or concrete floors. Added height of 5/8" ProPanel for standard 3/8" Pex pipe and 3/4" ProPanel for standard 1/2" Pex pipe.

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radiant heat panels example one from krell distributing

Aluminum on back of both panels

radiant heat panels example two from krell distributing

multi run panels 2' x 2'

radiant heat panels example three from krell distributing

Strait run panels 2' x 2'

What are Radiant Heat Panels? 

Radiant heat panels, also known as remodel panels, provide a system of "pucks" that hold PEX tubing in place.

Various types of flooring can be installed directly over the radiant heat panels, such as:
  • Wood flooring,
  • Engineered wood flooring,
  • Linoleum,
  • Carpet,
  • Tiles with backer board
  • And More

Benefits of Radiant Heat Panels

Radiant heat panels make it even easier to install PEX tubing as part of your radiant floor heating system

Radiant heat panels offer benefits that go beyond an easier installation. Radiant heat panels also help to ensure heat is transferred evenly throughout your system. Radiant heat panels are also energy efficient. 

Radiant Heat Panels Are Great For: 

  • Easier Installation,
  • Even Heat Transfer,
  • Energy Efficiency

Specifications for Our Radiant Heat Panels

Krell Distributing Company refers to our radiant heat panels as "ProPanel". ProPanel radiant heat panels are designed for simple, efficient installation over a variety of construction types. ProPanel is ideal for new construction, and it is particularly advantageous in the renovation market. Adding only 3/4” or 5/8” to the existing floor height. ProPanel provides a superior performing radiant heating system, even heat distribution and is easy to layout and install. ProPanel is lightweight - 5 times lighter than concrete, no need for structural upgrades. ProPanel is compatible with most floor coverings. Pex pipe is laid out on 8”on center. Choose 5/8” ProPanel for standard 3/8” Pex pipe and 3/4” ProPanel for standard 1/2” Pex pipe. ProPanel is made of moisture resistant MDF and has a superior heat response time, aided by a .007 thick . aluminum backing for an added reflective value.

Get Affordable Radiant Heat Panels from Krell Distributing Company

Krell Distributing Company offers radiant heat panels at an affordable price. Our radiant heat panels are available for $6.00 per square foot, including the PEX tubing. 

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