Pneumatic Nail Gun

The RB-6 Pneumatic Nail Gun installs RB Clips quickly and perfectly. For above floor or under floor applications in radiant floor heating, or in potable water pipe installations, the pneumatic nail gun shoots safe, strong polyethylene clips that fit perfectly without compressing or damaging the tubing or pipe

A Safe & Intuitive Pneumatic Nail Gun

The “hammer head” of the pneumatic tool repeatedly strikes the two nails of the RB Clip until they are driven 5/8″ into the wood. The RB-6 Pneumatic Nail Gun is designed to install clips perfectly, with no chance of overdriving the nails or piercing the tubing. The installation will be fast, strong, and long-lasting, providing holding power that absolutely cannot pierce or damage the tubing or pipe.

Unlike other pneumatic tools, the RB-6 is lightweight and easy to use. This makes it especially comfortable to use overhead, such as in “staple up” radiant heating installations. Also, a quick connect fitting is included with the gun and an air plug is preattached, making set-up easier.

How To Use the Pneumatic Nail Gun

After attaching the air hose, load in a strip of clips and align the tool over the tubing so that it rests directly onto the wooden surface. Smoothly and completely depress the handle allowing the head of the tool to repeatedly strike the nails until the clip is fully seated. The RB-6 Pneumatic Clip Gun will not permit the nails to be overdriven.

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