PEX Tubing

What is PEX Tubing?

pex tubing radiant floor heating systems from krell distributingPEX tubing is an abbreviation for cross-linked polyethylene tubing. PEX tubing provides the durability and flexibility that's essential to installing a radiant floor heating system. Because of these capabilities, PEX tubing is an important component for installing a radiant floor heating system. 

How PEX Tubing Works With A Radiant Floor Heating System

PEX tubing acts as the distribution system for heat in radiant heat applications. PEX tubing is ran across the area that will be heated, providing a reliable flow of heat from the pre-fab pump module to the heated surface. For example, PEX tubing is often placed under the floor for radiant floor heating applications.


Krell Distributing Company in Syracuse, NY specializes in PEX tubing systems that can be installed with stand-up system and wire mesh. These systems are convenient and easy to install and can be used in all types of commercial and residential construction projects.

Our PEX Tubing Product Brochure

View the complete video for a clear idea of how this PEX tubing system works.

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