Underfloor Heating System

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An underfloor heating system for heated hardwood floors is the most common type of radiant floor heating. 

Krell Distributing Company is your one-stop-shop for your underfloor heating system project.

We can provide you with all of the tools and materials you'll need to get the job done. We also offer free, unlimited technical support throughout your project.

In addition to an underfloor heating system for wood flooring, we can also provide you with everything you'll need to install radiant heat over an existing concrete floor as well as a wood floor.

When you partner with Krell Distributing Company for your DIY underfloor heating system project, you get the job done easier, faster and right to specs.

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Installing an Underfloor Heating System with Hardwood Floors

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With this type of DIY radiant floor heating, the heat source is located directly beneath the hardwood floor. Underfloor heating systems can be installed with hardwood floors if the proper precautions are taken.

It's also important to understand what type of wood flooring to use. 

Laminated/Engineered Wood Flooring offers more dimensional stability than solid wood flooring.

American Cherry wood, American walnut wood, Mesquite and Teak offer inherent dimensional stability that is suitable for underfloor heating systems.

Quartersawn or Rift Sawn Wood Flooring offers greater dimensional stability compared to plainsawn wood flooring. 

Krell Distributing recommends that all seams are taped during the installation process to ensure the barrier is tight. To protect the barrier from rips, laying a 1/16" (1.5625mm) thick foam sheeting over the vapor barrier may be advisable. 

Make Underfloor Heating System Installation Easy with Our How-to Guide

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Krell Distributing Company offers a free how-to installation manual for radiant floor heating systems. 

For detailed instructions, see the "Installation Below the Sub-Floor" section of the how-to installation manual on pages 11-12.

Download Free Installation Manual

Install Your Underfloor Heating System Faster with a PEX Gun

underfloor heating system pex gun from krell distributing companyPEX tubing distributes heat in a radiant underfloor heating system. Installing PEX tubing can be done efficiently with a pneumatic nail gun, also known as a PEX gun. 

A PEX gun shoots safe, strong polyethylene clips that fit perfectly without compressing or damaging PEX tubing.

A PEX gun is by far the quickest and most affordable way to install PEX tubing for your underfloor heating system.

Krell Distributing can provide you with an affordable PEX gun with all of the tools and materials you'll need to complete your radiant floor heating installation.  

Learn More About PEX Guns

Reflective Foil Insulation for an Underfloor Heating System

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Reflective bubble insulation is used under PEX tubing in underfloor heating system installations. Krell Distributing Company can provide the reflective foil insulation you need for your underfloor heating system. We offer this reflective foil insulation in a 16" x 125" roll.

Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates are an Important Part of an Underfloor Heating System
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Aluminum heat transfer plates can be used to attach PEX tubing to the underside of the wooden subfloor, in conjunction with the foil insulation to enhance the heat transfer between the PEX tubing and the flooring.

The aluminum transfer plates are useful in areas of high heat loss (entryways, outside walls, or areas that may have carpet installed on the finished floor).

Plates are 4" wide x 20" long. Consult a Krell representative to assist you in determining the number of plates require and spacing between the plates for your specific project.

To Make It Easy to Complete Your Underfloor Heating System, Contact Krell Distributing Company

Working with other radiant floor heating companies is often confusing and costly. Krell Distributing Company makes it simple and affordable to complete your underfloor heating system for wood flooring. 

When you work with Krell Distributing Company for your DIY underfloor heating system, you get...

  • Free, Unlimited Technical Support from Experienced Professionals - Krell Distributing Company offers free, unlimited technical support before, during and after your system is installed. If you get stuck or confused during the installation process, our experienced radiant floor heating system professionals will be there to help. 
  • Everything You Need from Krell Distributing Company - Between radiant floor heating products, tools and materials, Krell Distributing Company is your one-stop-shop for your underfloor heating system. 
  • Our Experts Design Your System to Your Specs - We'll discuss your project specifications with you. Then, our experienced system design professionals will provide you with a system layout and design that's custom to your project.
  • We Handle the Pre-Fab Pump Module For You - Our radiant floor heating solutions include a custom pre-fab pump module that's made by our experts to meet your project specifications. 

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