Radiant Heat Wood Floors

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Krell Distributing Company makes it easy to install DIY radiant heat wood floors, or radiant heat on top of any floor.

Krell Distributing Company provides all of the tools and materials you need to complete a radiant heat wood floors project.

We also provide free, unlimited technical support throughout your project, and a free step-by-step how-to guide. 

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What You'll Need to Install Radiant Heat Wood Floors

The following details the installation process for radiant heat installation above a wood subfloor.

If you're looking to install radiant heat wood floors using an underfloor heating system, also known as installation below the subfloor, learn more about underfloor heating systems here

Radiant Heat Panels for Radiant Heat Wood Floors

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Radiant heat panels utilize a system of "pucks" to hold PEX tubing in to place. PEX tubing is used to distribute heat within a radiant floor heating system.  

Radiant heat panels offer many benefits for radiant heat wood floors. The benefits of radiant heat panels include:

  • Easier installation for PEX tubing in a radiant heat wood floors system,
  • Ensure that heat is transferred evenly throughout your system,
  • Energy efficiency,

Krell Distributing Company offers radiant heat panels for just $3 per square foot, including PEX tubing.

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Aluminum Composite Panels for Radiant Heat Wood Floors

radiant heat wood floors aluminum composite panels for installation from krell distributing companyAluminum composite panels, also known as climate panels, provide a faster, lighter and cleaner alternative to a poured concrete base for radiant heat wood floors. 

Aluminum composite panels can be directly installed on wood floors. This can simplify and streamline the system installation process.

Aluminum composite panels add only 1/2" to the floor's thickness, making them an ideal solution for radiant heat wood floor systems. 

Gypcrete for Radiant Heat Wood Floors

radiant heat wood floors with gypcrete with krell distributing companyGypcrete can also help simplify the radiant heat wood floors installation process.

Gypcrete is a lightweight concrete product that is applied over PEX tubing. With gypcrete, PEX tubing is stapled directly to subflooring. Gypcrete with a 1/4" to 1/2" thickness is then pumped directly over PEX tubing.

Wood framed floors may require some structural reinforcement with gypcrete.

Licensed contractors who are trained to apply gypcrete are available. 

How to Install Radiant Heat Wood Floors

radiant heat wood floors installation guide from krell distributing companyWhen you partner with Krell Distributing Company for your DIY radiant heat wood floors project, you get a free how-to installation guide. 

For complete, step-by-step instructions on how to install radiant heat wood floors, read the "Installation Above the Subfloor" section on pages 13-14 of our free installation manual. 

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Partnering with Krell Distributing Company provides the easiest and most efficient way to complete your radiant heat wood floors project. 

  • Free, Unlimited Technical Support from Radiant Heat Experts - If you get confused or hung up before, during or after your radiant heat wood floors are installed, Krell Distributing Company's experienced radiant heat experts are just a phone call away. Our radiant heat floor professionals have decades of experience, and are available to provide the assistance you need to get the job done. 
  • Get It All From One Trusted Source - From the tools and materials to finish installation, to any necessary equipment for your radiant heating system, Krell Distributing is your go-to for everything you need for your project. 
  • Free Shipping, 
  • Our Professionals Handle the System Design for Your Project - When you contact Krell Distributing Company, we'll talk with you to get a complete understanding of your project specifications. A Krell Distributing Company system design professional will then provide you with a system layout and design that's made to fulfill your project's specifications. 
  • We Deliver a Pre-Fab Pump Module That's Already Assembled for Your Project Requirements - When you partner with Krell Distributing Company for your DIY radiant heat wood floors project, we provide you with a pre-fab pump module that's custom for your project needs. This significantly reduces the time required to complete your project. 

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