Radiant Heat Concrete Floors

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Radiant heat concrete floors are a popular type of DIY radiant floor heating. Our system design and radiant heating professionals make it easy for people to enjoy the comforts of radiant heat concrete floors.

Krell Distributing Company has over 30 years of experience with simplifying DIY radiant floor heating

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About Radiant Heat Concrete Floors

Different types of DIY radiant floor heating require a different installation process. Radiant heat concrete floors also have certain things to account for that are unique from other types of radiant floor heating. 

Common Uses for Radiant Heat Concrete Floors

Radiant heat concrete floors are a popular type of radiant floor heating for:

  • Garages,
  • New homes,
  • Basements,
  • Snow melt

Krell Distributing Company Makes It Easy to Install Radiant Heat Concrete Floors

Our radiant heating experts have helped homeowners, contractors and businesses install radiant heat concrete floors. 

We offer the easiest solution for DIY radiant heat concrete floors. Krell Distributing Company simplifies the installation process by providing:

  • Free, Unlimited Technical Support Before, During and After Installation,
  • Everything You'll Need to Get the Job Done, Including Tools and Materials,
  • An Easy-to-Follow, How-to Installation Guide,

Krell Distributing Company's free how-to installation manual provides everything you'll need to know, making it easy to complete your radiant heat concrete floor project. 

For detailed installation instructions, see the "Slab Installations" section on pages 7-10. 

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PEX Tubing for Radiant Heat Concrete Floor

PEX tubing serves as the distribution system for radiant floor heat. For radiant heat concrete floor applications, PEX tubing loops are ideally 2 inches below the top surface of the slab. 

Krell Distributing Company is your relied upon source for PEX tubing for your radiant heat concrete floors. 

Insulation / Vapor Barrier for Radiant Heat Concrete Floors

radiant heat concrete floors insulation from krell distributing companyThe installation process for radiant heat concrete floors includes slab shield insulation. Slab shield insulation is used for under tubing in radiant heat concrete floor installations.

A slab shield is preferred rather than foam insulation. This is because slab shield insulation has a reflective aluminum core, which radiates up. 

Krell Distributing Company can provide a 500 square foot roll of slab shield insulation. 

With Krell Distributing Company, DIY is E-A-S-Y

With other radiant heat concrete floor providers, you get the bare minimum for installation tools and materials. Krell Distributing Company is different. We simplify DIY radiant heat concrete floor projects.

  • Our Professionals Design Your System For You - We'll Talk to You About Your Project Specifications, and Our Experienced System Design Experts Will Create a System Layout and Design That is Custom For Your Project
  • We Provide You With a Pre-Fab Pump Module - Our Radiant Floor Heating Experts Will Get A Complete Understanding of Your Project, and Provide a Custom, Pre-Fab Pump Module That Meets Your Specific Needs.
  • Get Everything You Need from One Provider - Krell Distributing Company Is Your One-Stop-Shop for Everything You'll Need to Finish Your Project.
  • Our Knowledgeable Professionals Are Available To Guide You Through Your Project - Whether this is your first try, or you're experienced with radiant floor heating, Krell Distributing Company offers free, unlimited technical support before, during and after your project. 

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