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LOGWOOD has two Boiler model lines, Yankee Boilers and Add-on Boilers. All Logwood Boilers are closed pressurized units and are not subject to the corrosion and rusting problems that many of the outdoor units are experiencing. Krell Distributing will calculate the heat loss  on your home to know your BTU requirement. In the Yankee Boilers line, models range from 70,000-175,000 BTU's. Boilers in the Add-on Boilers line are designed for operation in combination with existing Oil or Gas fired Central hot water heating systems.

Krell Distributing can design a radiant floor heating system, baseboard system or any type of hot water heating system to heat your home. You can use a Logwood Combo (oil/wood/coal) boiler or a Logwood wood/coal boiler The wood/coal boiler will heat in parallel with either your existing boiler or a new  oil, LP or natural gas boiler. Krell Distributing recommends this method.

  • Logwood Boilers come in either 24 or 36 inch wood sized
  • Closed Pressurized System
  • Large Fuel Capacity
  • Large Fire door for Easy Solid Fuel Loading
  • Choice of Wood or Coal Grates
  • Convenient Ash Removal
  • Solid Fuel and Oil are Automatically Controlled to maintain Water Temperature
  • Quiet Efficient Flame Retention Oil Burner
  • Attractive "Warm Red" Cabinet
  • 5-Year "Limited Warranty"
  • 1/4" Steel Plate Construction
  • Water Filled Tubes Extend Heating Surface
  • ASME Pressure Relief Valve
  • Fusible Plug for Safety
  • Coal Units with Extra Heavy Cast Iron Shaker Grates
  • Wood Units with Extra Heavy Cast Iron Tubular Grates
  • American Made


(wood only)