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Krell Distributing can help you find the perfect hot water boiler for your home. From our warehouse in Syracuse, we serve customers in New York, Pennsylvania, the surrounding northern states, and across the country.

From this page you can see our hot water heater collection and learn about the hot water boiler that most interests you.

Whether you want a gas, LP, oil, or electric hot water boiler, Krell Distributing has it!

Photo Of Electric Radiant Floor Heating Boiler Tank - Krell Distributing

Utica Indirect Hot Water Heater

  • Couples with Utica  boiler to heat domestic hot water


Photo Of Radiant Floor Heating System Boiler Tank  - Krell Distributing
Utica SSC Boiler

 EnergyStar Rated 95% Efficient.

Just add up the savings:
-95% AFUE
-Sealed Combustion
-*Built-in Outdoor Temperature Reset

(*A factory standard Outdoor Temperature Reset adjusts water supply temperature for best possible fuel economy based on actual seasonal conditions.)

The increased efficiency of the SSC could save you up to 40% on your heating bill each year.

If you pay $1,800 annually to heat your home, you could save as much as $720 per year.

SSC Stainless Steel Condensing Boiler

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Photo Of Radiant Heating System Boiler Tank  - Krell Distributing Rinnai E110CP 110K BTU Natural/LP Condensing Boiler
  • 96.1% AFUE rating
  • Stainless steel primary boiler heat exchanger
  • Copper nickel integrated secondary plate exchanger
  • Compact wall-mounted design saves space over traditional boilers
  • Integrated single-speed pump and expansion tank
  • Built in domestic hot water heater




Utica UB-90 Boiler
Photo Of Radiant Heating Boiler Tank  - Krell Distributing

The UB90 Hot Water Boiler by Utica achieves an optimum combination of high efficiency, innovative technology, and simplicity of design, making it the ideal choice for today's heating customer.

Cooled flue gas can be safely vented through inexpensive readily available and easy to install PVC, after 5' of CPVC provided with the unit. The air intake also utilizes PVC pipe

Available in 50,75 and 100,000 BTU




Floor Heating, Argo Logo, Image - Krell Distributing  Electric Boilers
  • Available in 11 Hot Water Sizes
  • Individual heating element circuit breakers
  • Adjustable solid state time delay
  • Plug-in control relay
  • Terminal block for thermostat and zoning controls


Electric Wall Hung Boiler, Floor Heating, Image - Krell Distributing


 Blue, Radiant Systems Boiler, Tank, Image - Krell Distributing

High Efficient Starfire 3 Boiler available at Krell Distributing! Click to enlarge.

SFH Series Oil Fired Boiler
86% Efficient
With efficiencies up to 86% AFUE, the Starfire III & SW Series provides increased energy savings resulting in lower fuel bills. The boiler's wet-base design helps overall efficiency by enclosing the combustion chamber with water on all five sides therefore maximizing heat transfer. With the potential cost savings this represents, the Starfire III & SW Series will pay for itself in a few short years.

Utica SFH Series Boiler

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